On this page you will find the names of former members of the Pointers/Townsmen who marched with the corps at some point between 1958 and 1968. Included are the names of the adult leadership in a separate table. The names and information has been gathered from the memories of other members of the corps and their may be some inaccuracies. If you wish to have your name added to this list, or wish to modify the information displayed please contact the Webmaster at: Besides your name and e-mail address, please provide your current name if you married and changed it from when you were in the corps. Also, please provide the section you were in, i.e. horn line, drum line, color guard and what instrument you played (or carried if you were in the color guard). In addition, please provide the years you marched with the corps and the state in which you currently reside. You will also notice that all e-mail addresses are prefaced with "NoSpam_". This has been added to prevent spam from being sent to you through The Pointers/Townsmen website. If you e-mail an individual  MAKE SURE that the "NoSpam_" is removed from the address line. The information listed below is the most recent information available. If you attempt to contact a former corps member and find that the e-mail address is no longer valid/inoperative, contact the Webmaster at The "NOTES" column indicates that the member has been contacted and is aware of the reunion in 2014 or other comments regarding their status.

Legend for Section/Position: HL-horn line, DL-drum line, CG-color guard. SP-soprano bugle, BB-baritone bugle, BBB-base baritone bugle, CB-contrabass bugle, FH-French horn, SD-snare drum, TD-tenor drum, BD-bass drum, CY-cymbals, FL-flag bearer, R-rifle, DM-drum major, CC-color guard captain


     NAME                                                 NAME (NOW)   SECT/POSIT   YRS    RESIDE                      E-MAIL                              NOTES

Adametz, Dennis       HL-BB  59-64 NJ Contacted
Adametz, Tom    HL-FH/DM 59-64 CA Contacted
Aldrich, Larry   HL   CA Contacted
Anderson, Johnny   DL-SD        
Applegate, Bruce   DL-SD        
Arnot, Teri Post CG-R Contacted
Bastone, Bob   DL-BD        
Battistus, Claire   CG       Contacted
Beggs, Georgianna   CG-FL/CC       Deceased
Beggs, Charlie            
Beggs, Bobby            
Beggs, Joe            
Beggs, Ritchie            
Biancini, Skippy   HL        
Birdsall, Patti Gamble CG-R   FL Contacted
Bradley, Robert   HL-BB        
Brand, Barbara Santanello CG-CC   TN Contacted
Brand, Jack   HL   CT   Contacted
Brand, Jesse   DL       Deceased
Brand, Louise            
Brown, Charlie "Shoddy"   HL-SP/DM 63-67 NJ Contacted
Brown, Pam Barnett HL/DM   NJ   Contacted
Brown, Terry   DS-SD   NJ Contacted
Buraszeski, Lorraine   CC 62-66     Deceased
Cartwright, Pepper   CG-FL        
Caruso, Karen   HL        
Chadwick, Tommy   DL-TD 62-67     Deceased
Clayton, Donna   CG        
Coleman, John   HL        
Conover, Bobby   HL-SP   FL   Contacted
Curtis. Leroy   HL        
Demedici, John   DL-CY   FL Contacted
Dietz, Louis   DL        
Durante, Mike   HL-SP   Albania Contacted
Eagan, Jackie Fritsche HL/CG 65-67 NJ Contacted
Edwards, Billy   HL/BB        
Egyud Jane Adamsons CG-FL   FL   Contacted
Emerick, Ron   DL-TD        
Filiatreault, Jeff   HL 63-66 NJ Contacted
Fitzgerald, Cliff   HL-BBB/CB   NJ   Contacted
Fitzgerald, Mike   HL-SP       Deceased
Flores, Jimmy   HL        
Flores, George   HL        
Fox, Donna Kingston CG-FL   ARK Contacted
Fox, Lynda Brown CG-FL/R   NJ Contacted
Gibbons, Joey            
Glover, Dave   DL-SD   LA   Contacted
Griggs, Lynn            
Hager, Bobby   HL-BB       Deceased
Hager, Gail   DM   DEL   Contacted
Hagar, Suzie   CG        
Hale, Ronnie   DL-CY        
Herbert, Donna   CG-FL        
Hill, Nancy   CG-FL/DM 61-64     Deceased
Hornback, Ken   DL-TD 65-66 NJ Contacted
Horner, Dawn Clapham CG-FL   FL   Contacted
Horner, Gail   CG        
Hunt, Mary Ann   CG-FL        
Hyslop, Debbie Long HL-SP        
Jacobsen, Bobby   HL-SP 59-67 FL
Jaquin, Russel           Deceased
Jaquin, Susan            
Johns, Mary Lou   CG-FL 59-67      
Johnson, Alice   CG-FL        
Jones, Glenn            
Jones, Pam Cirignano          
Jones, Susan McLaughlin          
Kingston, Jackie   HL-SP   ARK Contacted
Kingston, Sharon   CG-FL        
Lake, Sharon Haugh CG-FL   NJ   Contacted
Leightinin, Mike   HL        
Leschinski, Daniel   HL        
Lewis, Nancy   DL-TD        
Long, Jody   HL-FH        
Long, Kim   DL-BD       Deceased
Lowe, Ed   DL-TD        
Mansfield, Gail   CG-FL        
Mansfield, Linda   CG        
McKenna, Harry   DL-BD        
Moore, Charlie   HL-BB/CB        
Morris, Eileen Conover GG-FL   FL Contacted
Morris (Kessler), Link   DL-BD        
Mould, Charlie   HL-SP        
Neese, Ricky   HL-BBB        
Neice, Fred   HL        
Nickerson, Don            
Olsen, Patti   CG-FL        
Parks, Jimmy   HL-FH/CB 58-68 NC Contacted
Parks, Douglas   HL        
Parks, Joseph   HL        
Petzarick, Lorraine   CG-FL        
Remus, Ray   DL-BD   NJ   Contacted
Reuter, Dave   HL-SP   NJ Contacted
Rusch, Helen            
Sanderson, Ginny   HL-FH        
Scalpatti, Kate   CG        
Scalpatti, Sue   DM        
Schwarz, Jeff   HL-SP 58-68 NJ
Schwarz, Les   HL-SP 58-68     Deceased
Schneide, Lou   HL-SP        
Schneide, Wendy   CG-R        
Singleton, Barbara   CG        
Smith, Dottie   CG-R        
Smith, Fran   CG-R 63-68 CA Contacted
Thomas, George   HL        
Thompson, Charlie   HL-FH 63-68      
Thompson, Bernice   CG-FL 63-68      
Tibus, Lynn   CG        
Tomani, Steve   HL        
VanOrd, Bruce   HL        
Walen, Maureen   DL-TD        
Walzer, Jimmy   DL-SD        
Walzer, Patti   CG-FL/CC        
Webber, Doug   DL-TD       Contacted
West, Jimmy   DL-SD        
Wilbert, Linda Chapman CG-FL   NJ    
Wolf, Bobby   DL-BD        
Wolf, Fred   HL-SP        
Yarnell, Jim   HL-SP        


                                                                                            ADULT LEADERSHIP AND INSTRUCTION

 NAME                                                         POSITION                                                   STATUS

Conception, Carlos Color Guard Instructor Unknown
Chadwick, Gertrude Chaperone Unknown
Cronin, John Drum Instructor Unknown
Burbank, Huey Arranger Unknown
Demedici, Irene Chaperone Unknown
Durante, Mike Chaperone Deceased
Flores, Margo Chaperone Unknown
Hager, Al Drill Instructor Deceased
Hager, Betty Chaperone Unknown
Johns, Bob Horn Instructor Deceased
Milano, Tony Horn Instructor Unknown
Mould, Charlie Quartermaster Unknown
Olsen, Gil Horn Instructor Unknown
Parks, Ruth June Chaperone Deceased
Schwarz, Althea Chaperone/Executive Committee Living in Point Pleasant, NJ
Schwarz, Les Director Deceased
Smith, Basil Chaperone Deceased
Smith, Ginny Chaperone Deceased
Tess Chaperone Unknown
Torino, Phil Drum Instructor Deceased
Voss, Hank Drill Instructor Deceased