This page if for special dedications to those individuals who had such a significant impact on the success of the Corps and influencing the lives of the many young men and women who marched with organization. If you wish to make a dedication please contact me at: and provide, if possible a photo of the individual that you would like to make the dedication to. I will add all comments received via e-mail or Facebook (FB).

Mrs. Ruth Parks

Comments: Facebook thread January 9, 2014:

James Parks: MY MOM. Mom gets all the credit of being a photo hound and taking all the pictures and saving multiple clippings and programs. Thanks for saving our memories.

Robert Jacobsen: Jimmy, your Mom was a drum corps nut just like the rest of us. She was always there.

James Parks: remember the newspaper drive. We had a dodge station wagon and with us boys, she took us around collecting bundles and all she was wearing was her pajamas and robe with her hair still in curlers. LOL

Robert Jacobsen: Pure drum corps spirit!!!

Susan Jones McLaughlin: Oh this is such a great picture of her Jimmy .... She was always so much fun and my parents always had a good time with her...
Good people !!!
Remember the time she turned green my house ? Lol